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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The content of the website (hereinafter the website) is the exclusive property of the entities GORDUZA PARTNERS S.R.L., C.P.I. LUPU GORDUZA MARIA NADIA and LUPU-GORDUZA MARIA NADIA (hereinafter referred to collectively as the Holders and individually as the Holder).

By accessing the website, any physical or legal person or any Romanian or foreign entity (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Users or individually as the User) hereby declares agreeing to the website’s policy and terms and conditions of use, assuming the consequences described below for failure to observe them.

The holders hold all the intellectual property rights (including database rights) related to trademarks, service marks, logos and all the other materials contained by this website, unless otherwise specified or unless other holders are named. The Holders’ rights are protected by the applicable Romanian laws.

The website is a web portal for the presentation of the provided services, also containing an information section developed by specialists with medical and psychology/psychotherapy background, having both commercial and information character.

By filling in the forms intended for the visitors, the interested persons may submit requests for additional information concerning the services provided by the Holders, may submit suggestions or complaints.

In order to gain access to Newsletter services or certain website facilities, users need to register with an e-mail address or other contact data and, in some cases, a password. By registering on the website, users understand to grant to the holders the right to use the provided data and information, with the purpose of promoting the provided services and trademarks, conducting studies or studies, gathering statistics or for any other commercial purpose that the holders deem appropriate. The holders encourage the users not to disclose their password or site login data to anyone, the users being directly responsible for the content posted on their behalf on the website sections. The holders shall never ask the password of your accounts through text messages, e-mail or phone.

The holders are not and shall not be legally liable in any case and for any inconsistency or misrepresentation of the information posted on the website. In order to find out detailed and complete information about the services provided by the Holders, you may contact their representatives by phone or in writing, using the contact data provided by the Holders, under the dedicated contact section.

The Holders shall not be responsible for the therapeutic information provided through the website, such information having a general character and referring to only certain aspects, therefore not applying to every user. The Users shall be fully responsible for their use of the information contained on this website and, in case of damages arising from such use of the services or information, the Users shall hold the Holders free from any liability. In order to have a diagnosis established or a customized therapy recommended, please schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. The Holders shall guarantee that the confidentiality of the Users’ information shall be maintained. The Holders may use the information or cases posted by the users on the public website sections without obtaining the users’ consent, but shall not use the information provided by the users through the individual sections or through the mail exchanges between the users and the holders or the latter’s representatives without the users’ consent, and shall not disclose the users’ real names or contact data.

Moreover, the Holders shall not be responsible in any way for the content provided by third parties, the content of advertising sections, advertisements or external pages linked from the website. Each website user shall be responsible for the content posted on his/her behalf on the website, in the interactive sections, and the Holders shall reserve the right to partially or fully delete the posts with obscene or malicious language or which have no connection to the content and topic of that section. The Holders shall not be responsible for potential damages claimed by third parties for the association of names, trademarks or other commercial information concerning products or services offered by various economic operators, suppliers, providers or any other entities, or for any qualitative comments about such third parties posted by the authors of the comments or articles.
None of the materials making up the content of these websites shall represent a firm offer to contract or an offer to buy or sell any medical or other service. Any appointment, booking or request for services provided by the Holders through the website shall become binding only after a written or telephonic confirmation by the Holders or their representatives.

It shall be forbidden for any person to reproduce, distribute or publish in any form the content of the website materials, irrespective of their form, without the prior written consent of the Holders.

The Holders shall reserve the right to suspend, modify, add or delete parts of the website content at any time. The Holders shall also reserve the right to restrict the users’ access to partial or full content of the website, and the users may not hold the Holders liable for the loss of any information provided through or contained by the website.

The users may use the website content only for their personal use. The removal or alteration of the content or signs identifying the holders’ copyright over the content, the modification, publication, transmission or retransmission in any manner or form, as well as the participation in the transfer, sale or distribution of materials resulting from the reproduction, modification or display of the total or partial website content, the reproduction or storage of the content, as well as the transmission of such content to any other website, server or any other storage medium, including the use of ‘profitshare’ links for commercial purposes shall be strictly forbidden and shall entitle the Holders to claim damages.

Any action or attempt to violate the provisions set out above shall entitle the Holders to appeal to the courts of competent jurisdiction or law enforcement authorities in order to have such deeds sanctioned.

Certain parts of the website content may be provided by third parties with which the website has contractual relations in this respect. The website content may also include advertising sections containing advertisements of third parties. The website and the Holders shall not be responsible in any way for the content provided by third parties, irrespective of the advertising, information, competitive, whistleblowing etc. nature of such content. The website and the Holders shall not be responsible either for the content of external websites linked from the website.

The user is aware that the site may not be available continuously, especially during the maintenance of the hardware and software of the site provider, reason for which the user cannot request any claims regarding the functionality of the site.

Also, the user must consider that the Holders are not responsible if the site does not work due to:

  • situations in which external factors are manifested, which cannot be controlled by the Holders, such as, but not limited to any force majeure events;
  • defects, actions or omissions of the Holders’ suppliers related to the provision of services related to the Site;
  • failures of the internet network;
  • actions or omissions of users;
  • situations when the decisions of the courts or other legal measures are applied / are active.

In such cases, the user cannot request any claims regarding the functionality of the site.

Conduct of online sessions

It is important that before each online session you make sure that everything goes normally, that you respect the scheduled time and that there will be no problems related to:

  • your equipment (video camera, microphone, used web browser, etc.)
  • your internet connection;
  • the location from which you will participate in the online meeting.

Thus, you understand, acknowledge and agree that, in the case of online sessions:

  • you have installed, configured and will always use a webcam and a microphone and that they work properly;
  • you have installed, configured and will use a compatible web browser;
  • you have a stable and high-speed internet connection that allows traffic of video and audio content. Talk to your internet service provider about the capabilities of your network and whether they guarantee video and audio traffic.
  • if you decide to use a mobile internet connection, you have a stable network connection and high speed (4G) that works without interruptions. Make sure of the transfer speed and the capabilities / limits of internet access provided by your service provider;
  • you will participate in an online meeting in a safe, stable and non-moving place (car, train, plane, boat or any other means of transport or leisure);
  • it is your direct responsibility to ensure the proper functioning of all the equipment necessary for the initiation and optimal development of a session within our site;
  • in case something does not work correctly and you are unable to initiate, participate and/or continue in a session, it is your direct responsibility, the Holders having no responsibility or any obligation.

The user understands and agrees that once the online session has been initiated, only those connected within it can view the images and receive the sounds and no other party will be able to do so.

The video and audio signal are not recorded by the Holders, the communication being made directly between the equipment used by the users and us. Thus, you understand and agree that the video signal is not generated by the Holders through their equipment and the Site only facilitates the connection within the session, the utilities/functionalities available within it, the session management in general, etc.

You are solely responsible for the quality of the video and audio content, the Holders having no responsibility in this regard. Thus, you understand and agree that the equipment you use (workstation, device, video camera, microphone) are the ones that can influence the quality of video and audio content.

During the online session, the user will have the obligation:

  • not to abuse the use of the video camera and microphone shutdown functions during the session. It is your main and minimum-necessary obligation for a meeting to take place without interruption of video and / or audio content;
  • not to behave in a disruptive, abusive or harassing manner during the sessions;
  • not to post, upload, publish or transmit audio and / or video content that infringes the rights of other persons, violates or encourages any behavior that could lead to the violation of legal provisions or that could be defamatory, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, offensive or that would promote discrimination, racism, harassment, violence, forbidden substances, etc.

If the online session closes due to external causes and independent of your will (power outage, cessation of internet access services, major cause, natural disasters, etc.), this cannot be individualized and treated differently from cases when you intentionally or, by mistake, close the online session. Thus, you understand and agree that the Holders:

  • are not and cannot be responsible in any way for such cases, external events, natural calamities, exceptional states, major cases, etc.;
  • will not offer any compensation regarding the session in question.

In case of disconnection from the online session, you will have the obligation:

  • to use all the diligences and efforts and to take all the measures and actions in order to reconnect as soon as possible during the online session;
  • to identify the cause that determined the disconnection and to use all the diligences and efforts and to take all the measures and actions to remedy, recover and prevent such situations, so that the following sessions will not be affected by it.

Suggestions and complaints

Complaints or any suggestions or claims concerning access to the Holders’ website shall be taken into consideration only if submitted by the website visitors in writing through electronic means, by filling in the form provided on the feedback page, or by an e-mail to

Any complaint or claim shall include the person’s identification data (first name and surname) as well as an exact description of the issue which is subject to the complaint or suggestion. The complaint shall also include at least one contact means: address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address etc. By filling in the contact form, the user shall grant to the Holder the right to use the submitted content, including the contact data, in order to conduct studies or surveys, gather statistics or for any other use in its activity.

Any complaint, claim, notification or notice posted through the website shall not represent an administrative request and shall not engage the Holders’ liability in any way. For such requests, please send a written petition by mail with acknowledgement of receipt, to one of the contact addresses. The Holders shall answer the submitted suggestions and complaints as soon as possible.

The Holders will try to remedy the problems identified and transmitted by the users, unless:

  • the problems / non-functionalities were caused by the users as a result of the non-compliant use of the site;
  • users have violated the provisions of the Terms and conditions of the site or of the Agreement for the provision of psychological services;
  • the users prevented / restricted in any way the remedy of the problems by the Holders;
  • those problems were caused by third party suppliers and / or products external to the site.

Users have the obligation to describe in as much detail as possible the problems experienced so that the support team of the Holders can identify the problem as quickly as possible.