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Overcome the fear of flying by Virtual Reality Therapy

How can you defeat your fear of flight?

Fear of flight has an effective remedy:

Virtual Reality Therapy

The most innovative method of treating fear of flight is virtual reality exposure therapy.

In simulated virtual environments, patients suffering from fear of flight may similarly experience the conditions of the initial traumatic event.

What is Virtual Reality Therapy?

Virtual Reality Therapy is often used to treat fear of flying.

Within the virtual reality therapy, the patient suffering from fear of flight meets the phobic stimulus in a virtual world that realistically simulates the phobia-generating situation, being permanently guided by a psychotherapist. His reactions and progress are thus monitored and evaluated throughout the session.

The patient uses projection glasses (head-mounted display) and headphones for the visual, auditory, and even kinesthetic experiences that he or she goes through during the situation’s simulation.

Thus, the patient feels safe, and the gradual exposure to the stimulus “accustoms” him and gradually builds his “immunization” to this phobia.

During such a session, in which the virtual environment is used, the patient feels as if he/she is on the plane but is assisted by the psychotherapist through specific questions, meant to help him gradually overcome his phobia.

Thus, he experiences most of the activities that take place in an aeroplane: he looks out the window and sees weather changes, such as thunderstorms and lightning, and at the same time, he hears specific engine sounds and crew announcements.

Using virtual reality exposure therapy in people with “fear of flying by plane,” the patient quickly passes through “baby steps” through all stages of flight, from check-in to take-off, flight, and landing.

The patient is exposed to a stimulus until the level of anxiety reaches a comfortable level, which the patient can manage, and then goes to exposure to another stimulus.

The virtual therapy sessions for fear of flight last on average, between 45-50 minutes and depending on the level of initial anxiety, can be between 8 and 10 sessions.

ID Therapy offers patients in Romania the virtual reality therapy systems for fear of flight, which is in the world 10 phobias top ranking.

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Dr Nadia Gorduza, Psichotherapist

Nadia Gorduza

Psychological trauma, Stress, Couple therapy, Insomnia, Fear of public speaking, Fear of flight, Phobias, Depression, Panic attacks, Anxiety
MD, EMBA Psychotherapist and founder ID Therapy
couple problems, phobias, anxiety, panic attacks
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Dr. Nadia Gorduza is the only psychotherapist and trainer in Romania, specialized in Virtual Reality Therapy for Phobias and Addiction.

Dr. Nadia Gorduza represents in Romania Virtually Better inc. USA.

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