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Relaxation Pediatric Deep Breathing 5×5

Relaxation through Pediatric Deep Breathing 5×5 – 25 minutes session

Virtual Reality Exposure Psychotherapy

These 5 breathing exercises aim to help the child learn and practise abdominal breathing, especially when he feels flooded by fear or anger and does not know how to handle the reactions arising from normal physiological arousal in these cases. This type of deep breathing can help slow your heart rate and keep you calm and relaxed. A deep breath is the best way to lower stress levels in your body, sending messages to the brain to calm down, which in turn sends signals to the body to self soothe.

The purpose of this exercise is to bring relaxation to his body while he is breathing long, slow, and deep. We will practice a full cycle session, focusing on his deep breathing. It is indicated for children who have evidence of anger management who are very agitated and have a lack of attention and those who often have anxiety attacks or fail to fall asleep quickly.

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Dr Nadia Gorduza, Psichotherapist

Nadia Gorduza

Psychological trauma, Stress, Couple therapy, Insomnia, Fear of public speaking, Fear of flight, Phobias, Depression, Panic attacks, Anxiety
MD, EMBA Psychotherapist and founder ID Therapy
couple problems, phobias, anxiety, panic attacks
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Dr. Nadia Gorduza is the only psychotherapist and trainer in Romania specialized in Therapy through Virtual Reality for Phobias and Addictions.

Dr. Nadia Gorduza represents Virtually Better Inc. USA in Romania.

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