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Marathon Gottman Couple Therapy

Gottman Marathon Couple Therapy,

A dynamic alternative to classic sessions

Save your marriage within 4 days, 4 hours daily!

Does your marriage suffer? Follow the Gottman Marathon Couple Therapy Program.

This method is a condensed approach to the traditional Gottman therapy method, which gives you the time to address specific issues and save your relationship. In this therapy format, you will meet with the psychotherapist, for 4 (four) consecutive days, 4 hours daily to process and learn how to deal with all the solvable and unsolvable problems and finally to feel more emotionally connected with your partner.

The alternative to the Marathon Program is the Weekly Gottman Couple Therapy

Gottman’s approach became popular because it is pragmatic, based on scientific research and focused on the positive side of the relationship.

The Gottman Couple Therapy method refers to strategies that strengthen feelings of friendship and intimacy, find solutions to manage conflicts, and build shared life projects.

More about The Gottman Method

Evaluate your relationship with the Gottman Method

Before starting the marathon couple therapy sessions, we will go through a process of evaluation and diagnosis of the relationship.
We will do an in-depth evaluation to have a clearer picture of the couple’s relationship, with their strengths and with the problems that generated the need for therapy.

The evaluation process using the Gottman Method consists of 3 sessions lasting 5 hours. A necessary period of interpretation and quantification is also needed.

  • Session 1: Understanding the couple relationship
  • Session 2: Understanding the partners as individuals
  • Session 3: Understanding the strengths and areas where change is needed.

At the end of the third session, the couple will receive a “Treatment Plan,” and the Marathon therapy sessions can begin.

How do Couple Marathon Therapy sessions take place?

Partners have a dyadic conversation, and the psychologist observes and intervenes only to correct the interaction skills methodologically. From a wide range of options, the therapist chooses the technique most appropriate to the specific couple problems that he identifies during the evaluation.

Thus, gradually, it practically starts the practice of the best exercises that strengthen confidence, fondness, and intimacy. Once the partners’ interaction becomes warm and safe, the couple begins to solve their problems, to regain their intimacy, to reconnect with each other, and to strengthen their friendship.

And, most importantly, together to strive for happiness.

What will you learn during the Marathon Therapy sessions?

1. How to get to know each other better?
2. How to build and strengthen friendship and trust?
3. How to recognize and respond to a partner’s bid of emotional connection?
4. How to be open to influence?
5. How to understand and work, both with solvable problems and with difficult ones?
6. How to overcome conflict gridlock?
7. How to create our “unique story”?
8. How to preserve your relationship?

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

“The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” workshop could give you a lot of information about how to use these principles to have a functional, happy, and balanced marriage.

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