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Bespoke Psychotherapy Services ID Therapy

We blend innovatively psychotherapies and technologies to get straight to a solution, be it a matter of physical symptom or psychological urge.
We always proceed with the result in mind, in a time saving and strategic solution-focused framework. Research based therapies that work are those that prove to work fast.

Individual psychotherapy

Bespoke unique approach in Psychotherapy

At ID Therapy you are neither a patient nor a client

You are a unique entity that leaves this door with his or her scan of the problem and personalized treatment, as well as with a clear path to follow for health problems that you know already and maybe for disturbances that are so far unchartered to you.
Our medical and psychotherapeutic approach is based on international therapeutic protocols and is adapted innovatively to shorten the way towards the solution.

We do not treat patients, nor do we serve clients. We treat people in their integrative humanity.

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Gottman Couple Therapy

Save your relationship through Gottman Method Therapy
The Gottman Couple Therapy method refers to strategies that strengthen feelings of friendship and intimacy, find solutions to manage conflicts, and build common life projects.

Gottman’s approach became popular because it is pragmatic, based on scientific research and focused on the positive side of the relationship.

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Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual Reality Therapy provides relief and cure to different conditions with the help of innovative

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) uses specially programmed computers, visual immersion devices, and artificially created environments to give the patient a simulated experience that can be used to diagnose and treat psychological conditions.

In VR-based therapies, the virtual world is a means of providing artificial, controlled stimuli in the context of treatment, and with a therapist able to monitor the patient’s reaction.

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Psychiatric consultations

Quick rebalancing after a blockage or a complex and complete solution to a health problem involves individual scenarios. We combine drug treatment with modern psychotherapy protocols and state-of-the-art instrumentation with millennial techniques to empower each healing potential.

The combination of psychotherapy and drug therapy is sometimes the ideal solution for treating conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress.

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Online Consultations

An online psychotherapy session is similar to a typical session where you meet face to face with the psychotherapist in his / her office. It is addressed mainly to people who are very busy and do not have time to travel. Or those who live in another country and need to have a psychotherapy session in their mother tongue and last but not least to any person who does not live in Romania and are English speakers.

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Clinical Evaluation

We offer a series of psychological assessment tests to identify specific problems – related to mental well-being, couple relationship assessment, parenting, and specific tests such as – alcoholism test or phobia test.
Through this analysis, certain psychiatric disorders can be discovered but which could be alleviated through psychotherapy sessions.

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Join the thousands of couples around the world who are the beneficiary of workshops based on the results of over 40 years of research at the Gottman Institute. You will learn research-based skills that will help you better manage the couple’s relationship as well as the new parenting status, as the newborn emerges in your life.

The FaceReading Academy workshops are based on the ancient science of face reading, which is increasingly used today and can be used successfully in your private life or business, helping in negotiations, successfully managing conflicts between employees, or recruiting the right person for the right place or even to find the right match for you.

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Teenagers Psychotherapy

Mental health includes how you act, feel, and think in different situations. Teens have mental health problems when their actions, feelings, or thoughts regularly create obstacles in their lives. Stress, medical condition, violence, bullying, addiction, or losing a relationship could be address to a specialist.
There are three main types of therapy for teens: individual, group, and family. Sometimes, people will do combinations of treatment, such as individual and group therapy. The therapist may ask you to identify your feelings about the problems. And you might get “homework” that will help you work through the issues. Everything you say in therapy is confidential unless the therapist has good reason to believe you might hurt yourself or someone else. Sometimes, it can be helpful for your therapist to talk to your parents or your school counselor about a problem
Usually, therapy will last at least three months if you go once a week. For some problems, you might be in therapy for a year. Even though therapy can take a long time, you should notice progress.

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