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Psychological evaluation tests

Psychological Evaluation Tests

Do you want to quickly assess your level of Anxiety, Depression, Stress? Do you suffer from any Phobias or Addictions? Do you have problems in your relationship? You can have a screening now on accredited tests and you can quickly assess the status of the following pathologies in the texts below. The time required is 5 to 20 minutes.

DASS 21 – Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale

The essential function of the DASS is to assess the severity of the core symptoms of Depression, Anxiety and Stress. Accordingly, the DASS allows not only a way to measure the severity of a patient’s symptoms but a means by which a patient’s response to treatment can also be measured.

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Flight phobia test

Are you afraid to fly by plane? Every time you think about flying, you feel negative thoughts?
You start making scenarios with plane crashed and different disasters in the air? Don’t know why you hesitate every time before deciding to fly or not?
Find out in the next test why you are facing these problems.

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Relationship Happiness Test

This free Relationship Happiness Quiz was developed by the Gottman Institute who are the premier relationship researchers in the world.

The quiz can give you a quick insight into how well you and your partner are currently doing.

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Test for Evaluation of Fear of Public Speaking

Are you afraid to speak in front of an audience?
This is closely related to stage anxiety, commonly known as stage fright or performance anxiety. It comes from the fear of not being judged and is the most common social phobia because it affects almost everyone. However, how strong this fear is depending on the person.

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Severity Measure for Specific Phobia

We all have things that frighten or worry us.
Common specific phobias include fear of heights, animals or insects, thunder, flights, driving over high bridges, tunnels, bridges or enclosed spaces, blood, needles or injections.

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Blood needles or injection phobia test

Needle phobia affects up to 10% of the world’s population. Are you afraid of needles and injections? Are you afraid to donate blood because you are afraid of syringe needles?

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Fear of animals and insects test

Do you have an inexplicable fear of animals (eg dogs) or insects? Assess the severity of this phobia for free.

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The AUDIT Test for Alcohol Addiction (Alcoholism)

The AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test) was developed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The test correctly classifies 95% of people into either alcoholics or non-alcoholics. It was tested on 2000 people before being published.

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Gottman Parenting Test

There are four types of parents and the effects of this parenting style on their children: Dismissing, Disapproving, Laissez Faire and Emotion Coaching.
What style are you?

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Psychological Wellbeing Scale

Ryff, the 42-item Psychological Wellbeing (PWB) Scale measures six aspects of wellbeing and happiness: autonomy, environmental mastery, personal growth, positive relations with others, purpose in life, and self-acceptance. The test does not measure a clinical diagnosis.

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Meta-Emotion Questionnaire

To assess how you feel about emotions, please indicate if you agree or disagree with each item/question by checking any answer that ranges from “I Disagree” to “I Agree.” Totally agree”.

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Psychosis Screening Test

The following questions are related to thoughts, feelings, and behaviour that you may or may not have had in various situations.
Answer the following questions thinking about how you felt in the last seven days, ticking only one of the boxes.
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