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Psychosis Screening Test

Psychosis Screening Test

The following questions are related to thoughts, feelings, and behaviour that you may or may not have had in various situations.
Answer the following questions thinking about how you felt in the last seven days, ticking only one of the boxes.

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  • 1. Have there been times when you felt that something strange and unexplainable was going on, things that other people would find very hard to believe?

    1 / 7

  • 2. Have you ever felt that you had special powers or talents that other people lack, and that are not shared by any other group of people?

    2 / 7

  • 3. Have you ever felt that people were too interested in you, singling you out, or deliberately trying to harm you?

    3 / 7

  • 4. Have you ever felt that things were arranged, or happened, or were said in a way so as to have a special meaning or message just for you?

    4 / 7

  • 5. Have you ever felt that your thoughts were being directly interfered with or controlled by another person in a way other people would find hard to believe, for instance through telepathy?

    5 / 7

  • 6. Have there been times when you heard voices or noises when there was no-one around and no other explanation seemed possible? OR have you ever seen visions or thing that other people could not?

    6 / 7

  • 7. Have you ever been told that you might have schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder or manic depression?

    7 / 7

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