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Blood needles or injection phobia test

Blood needles or injection phobia test

We all have things that frighten or worry us. Needle phobia affects up to 10% of the world’s population. Are you afraid of needles and injections? Are you afraid to donate blood because you are afraid of syringe needles? The following questions are related to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that you may or may not have had in various situations.
Answer the following questions by checking one of the boxes.

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  • Please check the item below that makes you most anxious. Choose only one item.

  • 1. I felt moments of sudden terror, fear, or fright in these situations

    1 / 10

  • 2. I felt anxious, worried, or nervous about these situations

    2 / 10

  • 3. I had thoughts of being injured, overcome with fear, or other bad things happening in these situations

    3 / 10

  • 4. I felt a racing heart, sweaty, trouble breathing, faint, or shaky in these situations

    4 / 10

  • 5. I felt tense muscles, felt on edge or restless, or had trouble relaxing in these situations

    5 / 10

  • 6. I avoided, or did not approach or enter, these situations

    6 / 10

  • 7. I moved away from these situations or left them early

    7 / 10

  • 8. I spent a lot of time preparing for, or procrastinating about (i.e., putting off), these situations

    8 / 10

  • 9. I distracted myself to avoid thinking about these situations

    9 / 10

  • 10. I needed help to cope with these situations (e.g., alcohol or medications, superstitious objects, other people)

    10 / 10

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