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Gottman Method Couple Evaluation Full Package

Gottman Method Couple Evaluation Full Package


  • 2 Gottman COUPLE Evaluation Session | Both Partners | Duration: 120 min | Price: 350 €
  • 2 INDIVIDUAL Evaluation Sessions |  Individual | Duration: 100 min | Price: 250 €
  • 1 Gottman Couple – Evaluation outcome and Therapeutical Protocol | Duration: 160 min | Price: 170 €
  • Language: English


01. Understanding the couple relationship

In the first session, I allow the couple members to share openly the reasons that bring them to therapy. We go through the history of the relationship; we analyze the general way in which the couple manages their conflicts by discussing a problem that is the subject of a disagreement at the moment.

At the end of the session, the couple will receive (via online) a set of questions that evaluate different aspects of individual and couple’s lives.

02. Understanding each member of the couple

An individual session is an opportunity for the therapist to get to know each member individually. Moreover, to understand the relationship’s premises and also how the past experiences of each one influence the couple’s present life.

Talking openly about yourself or the other, just in the presence of the therapist, is relatively easy. In the Gottman method, however, the basic principle is that the therapist does not keep secrets from the other member of the couple.

03. Couple’s therapeutic plan

In the third session, the therapist openly shares the data received from the first two sessions, and the outcome obtained in the evaluation to which the members of the couple responded. Then look together with partners for general feedback on the results. Within this session is established the concrete goals of the therapy, and the therapist shared a common strategy for improving the couple’s lives.

At the end of the third session, the couple receives a “treatment plan” and the specific therapy sessions can begin.