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Relaxation Exercise Mindfulness

Mindfulness – 15 minutes session

Virtual Reality Exposure Psychotherapy

This mindfulness experience aims to help you focus on the present moment and leave the chaos around you.

We often forget to live in the present. We live in the past, thinking about what we have gained or in the future, worrying about what we want to achieve. Mindfulness’s purpose is to learn to slow down or to stop our obsessive thoughts and to live the present as it is.

In this guided mindfulness trip, you will be in an African setting, designed to connect you with the beauty of nature, which is so easily forgotten during a day full of events. You will be connected to present and to the 3D setting in which you are for the moment, getting used to your mind being careful and present at what is happening and not escaping and jumping in the past or future. Mindfulness has proven to be useful for people who have high-stress jobs, for managing anxiety or fear and for people who can’t control their impulses.

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Dr Nadia Gorduza, Psichotherapist

Nadia Gorduza

Psychological trauma, Stress, Couple therapy, Insomnia, Fear of public speaking, Fear of flight, Phobias, Depression, Panic attacks, Anxiety
MD, EMBA Psychotherapist and founder ID Therapy
couple problems, phobias, anxiety, panic attacks
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Dr. Nadia Gorduza is the only psychotherapist and trainer in Romania specialized in Therapy through Virtual Reality for Phobias and Addictions.

Dr. Nadia Gorduza represents Virtually Better Inc. USA in Romania.

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