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Panic attacks

What are panic attacks and how do we treat them?

Panic attacks are some of the most known states of fear and anxiety manifested in a short term.

Although panic attacks are a well-known disorder, it is only when you go through such an episode or when you are with a person who has a panic attack, you genuinely understand how intense it is.

The panic attack may occur only once in a lifetime, but most people go through repeated episodes.

In most cases, panic attacks start suddenly and occur for no particular reason.

It can happen to you even when you are relaxed, happy, and perfectly healthy.

Many of the symptoms of panic attacks are similar to those of serious illness, which can make you anxious in the middle of a crisis, being convinced that you are facing a problem that can endanger your life.

At the same time, if the seizures happen when you are alone, tell the doctor and the people close to you the mood you went through.

No matter the causes, panic attacks can be treated and there are many effective solutions.

Atac de Panica

What are the symptoms?

The panic attack has symptoms that are similar to those of a heart attack and is experienced by 1 of 10 people every year. What psychologists call “panic disorder” is a bit different from the daily use of the word “panic”.

Those who are facing a panic attack have the following symptoms:

  • intense fear
  • a very strong physical reaction;
  • and the feeling of being very close to death or losing control completely.

Panic attack – physical symptoms

The physical symptoms of a panic attack include difficulty breathing, chest pain, stomach upset, sweating and agitation. This is why many people think they have a heart attack. Of course, thinking you have a heart attack, the state of panic increases.

This is all beside a minor real danger – although it feels very different from the person facing this situation.

Often, people who are facing a panic attack feel that there is a physical problem. It is possible. For this reason, they need to be consulted by a doctor. If any medical cause is eliminated and the only explanation is a psychological one, then the panic attack appears as a possibility. Panic attacks are very common among people who are dealing with a lot of anxiety.

What are the causes?

Although the causes that trigger a panic attack are unknown or unclear, you may also experience such a disorder if there are people in your family who have experienced it.

There is also a connection between the panic attack and the major changes in your life, such as completing your studies and entering the labour market, getting married or expecting your first child.

The intense stress caused by the death of a loved one or the loss of a job can trigger a panic attack.

After the first panic attack, you tend to become extremely alert to any changes in your body and things that are happening around you, and this creates the premises for new episodes to appear.

How do we treat panic attacks?

If you face frequent panic attacks, you will have the impression that you are in a situation you do not know if you will ever get out. But the attacks can be treated if you go to a psychotherapy specialist.

In the case of panic attacks, the treatment offered by a psychotherapist specialist makes the difference.
Whether it’s you or you are thinking of a dear person; the panic attack is not a shame and, above all, the fight with this disorder should not be carried out by yourself.

Learn relaxation techniques

The moments before the panic attack learn to accept what is happening to you, telling yourself: “I know I have a panic attack, but everything will pass, there is nothing serious!” .

When you feel the sensations of fear intensify, actively draw air into your chest and then, as you exhale let them “go away”. Breathe rarely and deep! Through relaxation, the brain no longer receives information that something serious is happening, and the body no longer reacts as in a state of panic.

Ask for help and let others help you to get your life back to normal, finding balance and getting rid of your fears

Therapies for treating panic attacks

We combine different psychotherapeutic solutions to map the exact source and the way of how each symptom manifests.
ID Therapy team innovatively combines those types of therapy to provide a shortcut to the solution and to have a diagnose directly into the context.

Brief Strategic Therapy

Brief Strategic Therapy

There are personal therapies that last for years and treatments that have conclusive results in a maximum of 10...

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The way we interpret or think about a particular situation determines the feeling we have about that situation, which...

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Integrative Therapy

Integrative Therapy

A more flexible and sophisticated approach than traditional psychotherapy, a progressive form of psychotherapy, customized ...

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Psychiatric treatment

Psychiatric treatment

The combination of psychotherapy and drug therapy is sometimes the ideal solution in addressing conditions such as depression, anxiety,...

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Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a collaborative therapy approach with direct patient participation and focuses on the goal.

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There are many anxiety treatment possibilities, but the best mix between them is based on condition causes. Innovative Psychotherapy by Virtual Reality exposure could be one of the best choices that your therapist could choose among all the other options in order to learn how to manage your physiology through Relaxation in Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual Reality Therapy – the innovative solution

One of the most innovative therapeutic solutions in panic attack therapy is virtual reality exposure therapy.

An extremely efficient form of therapy, with short-term results, involves exposure to panic sensations in a controlled environment through virtual reality therapy.

Also, you can learn different relaxation techniques in virtual reality, that will help you to manage your physiological arousal and to self-soothe.

Virtual reality therapy ensures healing and improvement for the most diverse diseases, through innovative technologies based on virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) uses applications and programs of visual immersion with the help of artificially created environments to provide the patient with a safe and comfortable environment where is stimulated and retract different experiences to be able to treat certain conditions.

ID Therapy Team

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