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Defeat your fear of public speaking by Virtual Reality Therapy

How can we defeat your fear of public speaking?

Virtual Reality helps you to treat your fear!

One of the most used approaches with very good results is the Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRT) which realistically simulates the fear-causing situation, in a safe environment for the patient.

3D projection glasses and headphones are used for visual and auditory stimuli, and the psychotherapist helps and assists the patient throughout this experience.

The person is gradually exposed in front of an audience from a few people to a full room, from an audience that listens and congratulates

What is Virtual Reality Therapy?

Virtual Reality Therapy is a therapy often used to treat the fear of public speaking.

Before learning public speaking techniques, those who have this phobia are taught how to manage and treat their fear. Also, exposure to virtual reality is useful to improve the skills of those who want to become speakers or trainers by profession.

In virtual reality therapy, the patient who suffers from the fear of public speaking meets the object of fear in a virtual world that realistically simulates the situation that generates phobia, being guided continuously by a psychotherapist. His reactions and progress are thus monitored and evaluated throughout the meeting.
The patient uses 3D projection glasses and headphones for the visual, auditory, and even kinesthetic experiences he goes through during the simulation of the situation.

Thus the patient feels safe, and the gradual exposure to the stimulus “accustoms” him, and gradually he becomes immune to this phobia.

During VR sessions, the patient is in front of the audience and interacts by Q&A sessions, being helped and assisted by the psychotherapist through specific questions and techniques, meant to help him gradually overcome his phobia.

Virtual therapy sessions for fear of public speaking last 45 minutes and depending on the level of initial anxiety can be between 8 and 10 sessions.
Session no 1- Fear of public speaking evaluation
Session no 2- Live speech recorded evaluation
Session no 3- Anxiety management techniques
Session no 4-10 –gradual exposure to the public in virtual

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Dr Nadia Gorduza is the only psychotherapist and trainer in Romania, specialized in Virtual Reality Therapy for Phobias and Addiction.
Dr Nadia Gorduza represents in Romania Virtually Better inc. USA.

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