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Fear of public speaking

Treat the public speaking fear

What is phobia or fear of public speaking?

The fear of public speaking, named glossophobia occupies a leading place in the world’s top phobias.

It is closely related to performance anxiety, generally known as stage fright or writer’s block. It comes from fear of not being judged and is the most common social phobia, as it affects almost everyone. However, how strong this fear is depending on the person.

Fear of public speaking can be a very debilitating anxiety disorder, and people suffering from this type of social phobia may feel that they are about to have a panic attack. These people tend to avoid specific situations in which they have to speak in front of a group of people, which makes the problem more acute. It is often the beginning of a negative spiral, as avoidance feeds fear even more.

The public speaking phobia can become a problem, and it can lead to limitations later in the career because people who have this phobia tend to avoid specific workplace tasks that involve speaking in front of a broad audience. Thus, colleagues who feel comfortable when giving a speech have a higher chance of being promoted.

Studies show that 88% of individuals with social anxiety suffer from fear of public speaking. If in ancient times, the oratory was of high quality only for some of the personalities of the time, today it is necessary for each of us to master it.

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Causes of Glossophobia

Most phobias seem to appear out of the blue, often starting in childhood or early adulthood. A phobia may arise because of a combination of genetic tendencies and other environmental, biological, and psychological factors.  People who fear public speaking may have a real fear of being embarrassed or rejected.

Glossophobia may relate to one’s prior experiences. An individual who has a bad experience during public speaking may fear a repeat from that previous experience when attempting to speak again.

Or if a person is told to speak to a group on the spot with no chance for advance preparation, and it does not go well, she may begin to fear public speaking.

Glossophobia causes a variety of symptoms, such as:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased perspiration
  • Dry mouth
  • Shaking hands
  • Quavering voice
  • A stiffening of the upper back muscles
  • Nausea and a feeling of panic when faced with having to speak in public
  • Intense anxiety at the thought of speaking in front of a group.

Fear of public speaking

How can it be treated?

Social anxiety is treated differently from one person to another, and most times, it is necessary to combine several types of therapy to obtain the best result.
The ideal mix is between Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy and techniques from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Brief Strategic Therapy, and Brief Collaborative Therapy

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