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Welcome to Id Therapy Bespoke Treatment Center

ID Therapy Bespoke Treatment Center and Psychological Consultancy

ID Therapy Bespoke Treatment Center is the first center in Romania that provides therapeutic solutions customized on individual’s unique needs of Psychotherapy, Gottman Couple Therapy, Virtual Therapies for Phobias and Addiction, Psychiatry, Online Therapies and Corporate Consulting Psychological Services.

Individual psychotherapy

At ID Therapy you are neither a patient nor a client.
We do not treat patients, nor do we serve clients. We treat people in their integrative humanity. Our medical and psychotherapeutic approach is based on international therapeutic protocols and is adapted in an innovative way, to shorten the path to the solution.


Couple Therapy The Gottman Method

ID Therapy Bespoke Treatment Center is the only centre in Romania specialized in Couple Therapy by the Gottman method, representative of the Gottman Institute in Seattle, USA. Gottman’s approach has become popular because it is pragmatic, based on scientific research and focused on the positive side of the relationship.

Virtual Reality Therapy

In Romania, ID Therapy Bespoke Treatment Center is the only clinic, representative of the Virtually Better Institute, Inc®, USA, that provides patients with virtual therapy systems for Phobias, Addictions and relaxation techniques for Anxiety Management.


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cases of phobias and addictions treated by Virtual Reality


Marriages saved through Gottman Couple Therapy

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Good mind spirit

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Psychological Trauma

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Fear of Flight

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